Carn Liath & Carn na Moine from Inverey

Having had a taste of the great outdoors a few days ago we were keen to get out again. Somewhat constrained for time at present, we needed to find a shorter walk, and as usual, Bruce came up trumps!

Inverey: unusually quiet!

With access to a couple of munros, the large parking area at Inverey is often busy, particularly at weekends. Today, Monday, it was pretty much deserted.

Leaving the car park, we headed west along the road very briefly before turning onto a good track that led all the way up the glen.

Follow the Track

Initially the track follows the Allt Connie, pretty fast flowing today following the recent warmer weather.

It then continues alongside smaller tributaries, Allt Cristie Mòr and higher up Allt Cristie Beag. The climb is gradual and the track excellent, affording good views back to the Mar Lodge Estate and all around to neighbouring hills.

Carn Liath

The sky was beautiful, the sun shining and highlighting the snow covered hill tops around; the dusting of snow perfecting the natural beauty, just the right amount to be scenic without presenting any challenge to our progress. I truly was in my happy place!

At the top of the glen, a small path headed off towards Carn Liath. It was warm as we moved towards the summit, building heat in our bodies as we progressed. Approaching the summit the views opened up even further and the massive Cairngorm plateau was in view, Bruce naming the mountains for me.

A small cairn marked the summit and we paused to drink in the views.

Blowing Across to Carn na Moine

Leaving Carn Liath I hadn’t appreciated how far along the flat plateau I had to go before dropping down. There had been no wind at all on the ascent, but suddenly we were blasted by a cold chilly wind! Despite my three pairs of gloves (liners followed by two other thin pairs) I could feel my hands chilling, and as we moved across the plateau I could feel the cold wind around my lower legs. Bruce suggested stopping to add more clothing if I was cold, but I stubbornly refused thinking I’d be out of the wind soon.

We passed three other walkers and their friendly dog heading the opposite direction and I grumpily told him not to chat for too long as we approached them! Shortly after this, I realised that more clothing was indeed necessary so struggled into my waterproof trousers and added my Tuff Bags to my glove ensemble; instantly I felt so much better and my foul mood began to recede.

The track continued along the plateau and finally took us back to the forestry plantation that we’d passed on the way up the glen.

Back to Inverey

It was great to be out of the wind once more and the good track wound back and forth before steadily heading down to Inverey, dropping us back on the road slightly west of where we’d started. Once again, the devastation caused by Storm Arwen was very apparent, although the Estate have done an amazing job of cutting back fallen trees and tidying up the path! a short walk and we were back at the car.

All good walks finish with coffee, and today it was the turn of The Bothy at Braemar. Suitably refreshed, that’s the walking done until the next fine weekend; normal service resumes on Thursday!

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