Rob Roy Way: Callander to Strathyre (Day 2)

After a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and a catch up on the Olympics, I headed off along the way once more. Today’s ultimate destination was Strathyre, a mere 9 miles away. Feeling refreshed, I was harbouring the misapprehension that I’d be there before lunchtime giving the afternoon to relax. I almost wished I’d booked Killin as this would have allowed me to get further along the route.

Cycle Route 7

Setting off, I quickly turned off the main street and found myself on cycle route 7 that would lead me all the way to Strathyre. Initially this reminded me of the Deeside Line, a frequent stomping ground at home, with tarmac and a good path. This was welcome as I realised on starting to move more that my legs were in fact a little jaded after yesterday.

The shade of the trees was very welcome as I progressed; just after 10 am, the temperature was already beginning to climb quite significantly and the sun was most definitely out. The views through the trees were lovely with rolling countryside all around.

Falls of Leny

Having followed close by the Garbh Uisge, it wasn’t long before I reached the path off to the Falls of Leny. In line with the majority of streams and rivers just now the water was low and there was a distinct lack of white water. I’m sure they’d be impressive in spate, but that’s for another day.


A little further along from the Falls, I came upon a very appealing bench and couldn’t resist sitting on it. Here I enjoyed a time of quiet stillness, listening to the water flow, only an occasional motorbike or car on the parallel road disturbing the peace just a bit.

After this, a bit of a theme emerged with regular stops to admire the scenery and take in my surroundings, sadly without benches.

A Cafe! Strathyre Holiday Cabins

Around halfway between Callander and Strathyre I came upon the Strathyre Holiday Cabins and they had outdoor tables. I couldn’t not stop, such was my frame of mind. I really wanted a coke, feeling in need of a sugar boost. However, they only had the zero sugar stuff, so I settled upon Appletise and a Mars instead. The chat here was good – some tourists on bikes (a nurse and a teacher) – and I stayed for way longer than I ‘should’ have, the resulting effect being that my legs had somewhat seized up by the time I came to move again.

The path through the site was good, transitioning to a rougher path on exit from the cabins.

Easy Does It

After a slight ascent I was very happy to find the path begin a long descent. This was a real treat for my legs, although it did make me wonder how much walking I’ll end up doing over the next few days when the terrain is steeper.

Loch Lubnaig

The loch was busy with people engaging in different pursuits. I was sad to leave it behind as I drew closer to Strathyre having enjoyed being alongside the water today.

The Broch Cafe

Arriving earlier than I could access my accommodation, I was delighted to get a table inside (out of the sunlight, unlike everyone else). A leisurely lunch ensued before finding my way to the White Stag where I’d spend the night.

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