Clachnaben: A hill at last!

We (or rather, he) have been building up to getting back up a hill and today we did it! Small and local, Clachnaben was at it’s best today with the autumnal colours vibrant in the woodland. However, despite this the summit was shrouded in cloud and mist for much of the afternoon. Full Car Park! … Continue reading Clachnaben: A hill at last!

Glen Dye Circular

Another back to fitness walk for Bruce, he came up trumps in finding this one. We’ve never visited Glen Dye and it was a joy to explore this new terrain. Spital Burn The route guide directed us to park by the old ruin of Spitalburn Cottage in a small lay-by. On further investigation, having instead … Continue reading Glen Dye Circular

Loch Kinord and Burn O’Vat

First time out in a while, walks and runs have been limited of late due to enforced limits for one and a real lack of motivation for the other. However, Bruce has been working hard on building back strength, so we headed for Loch Kinord, a place we usually drive past on the way out … Continue reading Loch Kinord and Burn O’Vat

Conachcraig: A Very Relaxed Hill Day

Those who know me will know our hill days have been getting shorter over time due to a deterioration In musculoskeletal health (his, not mine). It was therefore a bittersweet day as we set out for either Lochnagar or Conachcraig, settling for the latter as the pain was too much. However, the bionic man is … Continue reading Conachcraig: A Very Relaxed Hill Day

Forfar 10k Revisited

I’ve not raced this year and I’m not in racing shape, so I wasn’t holding out much hope for the race today. Indeed, I was very grateful that one of the ladies from club was coming with me; had it not been for that commitment I might have backed out! No Pressure Having done this … Continue reading Forfar 10k Revisited

Mayar & Driesh: Girls Day Out

I was delighted to be invited along for a walk with my niece and sister. The younger of the two is into hills and outdoors, the older one likes outdoors, hills maybe not so much? Could we convert her? Having parked up at Glen Doll, after much faffing we set off enthusiastically and followed the … Continue reading Mayar & Driesh: Girls Day Out

Three Mealls (not breakfast, lunch & tea!) 🤣

I was going to title this ‘long weekend’, but it wasn’t really as we didn’t leave home until Sunday. Late weekend may be more apt? However, having been corrected on pronunciation recently, I’d like to recognise that the three munros were all ‘Mealls’, pronounced differently to ‘meal’ according to Walk Highlands. The First: Meall Buidhe … Continue reading Three Mealls (not breakfast, lunch & tea!) 🤣

Loch Ness 360, Day 5: Drumnadrochit to Inverness

Setting off from the B&B I had already decided to walk to the centre of the village having run all the way in yesterday. Despite this I ran as I figured it would be quicker, and also less embarrassing if the Americans from the B&B passed having shared with them that I was running and … Continue reading Loch Ness 360, Day 5: Drumnadrochit to Inverness

Loch Ness 360, Day 4: Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit

Really enjoyed staying in Invermoriston. The B & B (Craik Na Dav) was run by two sisters, Lindsey and Amanda, who were so friendly and welcoming that I truly felt at home from the moment they opened the door. It was therefore a bit of a thought to leave this morning, all the more so … Continue reading Loch Ness 360, Day 4: Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit

Loch Ness 360, Day 3: Fort Augustus to Invermoriston

Got up for an early breakfast - I’m now regretting this at 3 pm as I’m tired! However, the early start did allow me to get down to the locks and see ‘Moonshadow’ go all the way down! As an aside (Bruce), it turns out my sister and I are not the only people fascinated … Continue reading Loch Ness 360, Day 3: Fort Augustus to Invermoriston