Creag an Dubh Loch and Broad Cairn: He’s Back!

In the previous post Bruce had one new hip and one awaiting surgery. He’s now been fortunate enough to have had both done and is recovering really well. Perseverance is a great thing, dogged determination to get the physio done regularly, and today we did the first munro together in quite some time! Loch Muick … Continue reading Creag an Dubh Loch and Broad Cairn: He’s Back!

Testing the Legs at Loch Lee

We’ve been hoping to get amongst the hills for a few weeks, but something has always stopped us. The inclement weather, me not getting up early enough, or illness. We contemplated Loch Lee last weekend but Bruce wasn’t feeling 100% and listened to the voice of reason (ME!), opting for a flat walk at Ballater … Continue reading Testing the Legs at Loch Lee

Balmoral Cairns

What a great walk this was! I have to say we were both very pleasantly surprised! We’d contemplated this earlier in the week but opted for Morrone instead as it was such a fine day. Today however was very different; although still sunny and relatively cloud free, the winds were strong and being on the … Continue reading Balmoral Cairns

2023: Refresh & Renew

Last year just didn’t quite cut it with regard to running goals. As tends to be the way for me, off the back of a solid block of marathon training (for London in October 2021, I lost motivation. While I do love a plan and will follow it to the letter when I have a … Continue reading 2023: Refresh & Renew

Morrone: Blustery breeze and drifting snow

Having so much enjoyed being out on Hogmanay we decided to have another bash today, initially thinking Balmoral Cairns. Alarm’s set, we got up and out at a reasonable time and contemplated our destination as we drove out the road. Par for the course, I was just happy to be out and not too bothered … Continue reading Morrone: Blustery breeze and drifting snow

Final Walk of 2022

Today’s plan was Aberdeen parkrun, then probably a local walk and a coffee somewhere. However, in the wee small hours the plan changed to Hazlehead parkrun allowing me an extra bit of time in bed; I’ve become quite accustomed to getting up around 9 am or later! The last change to the plan came when … Continue reading Final Walk of 2022

Clachnaben: A hill at last!

We (or rather, he) have been building up to getting back up a hill and today we did it! Small and local, Clachnaben was at it’s best today with the autumnal colours vibrant in the woodland. However, despite this the summit was shrouded in cloud and mist for much of the afternoon. Full Car Park! … Continue reading Clachnaben: A hill at last!

Glen Dye Circular

Another back to fitness walk for Bruce, he came up trumps in finding this one. We’ve never visited Glen Dye and it was a joy to explore this new terrain. Spital Burn The route guide directed us to park by the old ruin of Spitalburn Cottage in a small lay-by. On further investigation, having instead … Continue reading Glen Dye Circular

Loch Kinord and Burn O’Vat

First time out in a while, walks and runs have been limited of late due to enforced limits for one and a real lack of motivation for the other. However, Bruce has been working hard on building back strength, so we headed for Loch Kinord, a place we usually drive past on the way out … Continue reading Loch Kinord and Burn O’Vat

Conachcraig: A Very Relaxed Hill Day

Those who know me will know our hill days have been getting shorter over time due to a deterioration In musculoskeletal health (his, not mine). It was therefore a bittersweet day as we set out for either Lochnagar or Conachcraig, settling for the latter as the pain was too much. However, the bionic man is … Continue reading Conachcraig: A Very Relaxed Hill Day