Loch Kinord and Burn O’Vat

First time out in a while, walks and runs have been limited of late due to enforced limits for one and a real lack of motivation for the other. However, Bruce has been working hard on building back strength, so we headed for Loch Kinord, a place we usually drive past on the way out the road. Sadly, it appeared our timing was wrong and the adder that the loch is renowned for were nowhere to be seen!

Blue Skies

One positive of the day was that although it was chilly, the sun was out so when not amongst the trees it was warm. In the trees it was chilly and I wished I’d taken my gloves!

Loch Views

Having parked at the Burn O’Vat car park, after about a mile, we reached the lochside. Here the views across the water were pretty and the sun shone through more, warming me up a little.

The walk continued close to the lochside, different views offered as we progressed.

Carrying on round we caught a glimpse of a glider being towed above us.

We also met some folks headed for the water with their paddle boards. It appears there are many access points to the loch. The trail cut away from the loch further along for a brief section. We caught views of Morrone here.

Loch Kinord Crannog

Cutting back down to the lochside we read the information board about the Loch Kinord Crannog, a man made island on stilts.

Kinord Cross

Continuing the historical theme, we then came upon the Kinord Cross, a Pictish stone from around the 9th century:


Burn O’Vat

Finishing our walk round the loch, we continued through the car park to walk the short distance to Burn O’Vat. There we headed over the rocks and into the vat. How accessible this is I’d imagine might be linked to how much rain has fallen, but we had no issues.

In all honesty the walk was okay, not quite what we’d hoped for, but I guess we’re used to being spoilt with the big hills and views. It was gentle walking and pushed the limits of recovery a little further. Onwards and upwards – here’s to progress and finding my mojo again.

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