Yoga: Nourishing the body and mind

I have a love / hate relationship with yoga. It’s something I’d like to do more of – to become more flexible, to stretch my weary muscles, to take time out of life just to breathe and be in the moment.

When I’m on the mat (even if it’s just when I’m in Savasana) I do love my practice. However, I find it difficult fitting it into an already busy schedule and this is the part that I hate – what gives in order to fit yet another thing in! Hence the reason why I’ve decided to commit this January to True Yoga, a free 30 day online programme (Yoga with Adriene), the intention being that at some point each evening, even if it’s just before bed, I will find time for me and time for my practice.

Today was Day 3: Stretch, and it felt amazing, exactly what my body needed and definitely a practice I’ll return to again (regardless of whether or not I make it through the 30 day journey).

Yoga supports my goal of developing strength in both body and mind. With the help of online sessions such as Yoga with Adriene, and ‘real’ classes (Ali Mathers has great runners specific classes in Run 4 It and Warehouse Gym), I truly do hope that this year I will be able to find and value the space to commit to my practice regularly.


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