December Yoga

This year started with a daily yoga practice in January, vowing to reconnect mind and body. Although at times a thought to get on the mat, I never regretted the time I spent there, always feeling good for the practice I engaged in whether it be Ali’s taught class at Run 4 It, or a … Continue reading December Yoga

Listen to your body!

They say the body is very intuitive; I’ve been told by the physiotherapist in the past that I have good body awareness. Thus, if it’s talking to me by expressing soreness or a niggle, I have no qualms about taking an extra rest day. I frequently find myself reminding others that rest is your friend. … Continue reading Listen to your body!

Yoga: Nourishing the body and mind

I have a love / hate relationship with yoga. It's something I'd like to do more of - to become more flexible, to stretch my weary muscles, to take time out of life just to breathe and be in the moment. When I'm on the mat (even if it's just when I'm in Savasana) I … Continue reading Yoga: Nourishing the body and mind