2019 London Marathon: The Taper

The taper has begun – if you can call it a taper with the Hanson Method – harder than usual with regard to the mileage, but in many ways the feelings, both physically and emotionally are the same thus far.

Thursday 18th April: I did my last ‘SOS’ session today – 6 miles at target marathon pace sandwiched between a warm up and cool down. Pacing definitely feels more instinctive although it’s easy to tip into 10k pace at the start. Once I hit the target pace it feels relatively comfortable. Whether that’s enough to hold it for 26.2 miles, we’ll see.

Friday 19th: Today was an easy 4 miles. It felt harder. My legs wanted to go faster and it felt quite uncomfortable, plodding heavily along.

Saturday 20th: Easy 5 miles today, so ran 2 miles before Aberdeen parkrun. Very enjoyable runs today, warming up with Alan, fresh from Kenya, and blethering round the parkrun with Maureen, my sister’s friend.

Sunday 21st: one week to go!
Bruce is hill walking and I’m somewhat envious as it’s a cracking day and he’s doing a lovely route from Loch Muick: over Broad Cairn, Cairn Bannoch and Carn an t-Sagairt Mor, finishing at Loch Callater, where I’ll pick him up.
My run was a leisurely 12 miles. I opted for the Deeside line from Ballater. While there were so many more attractive options I ultimately wanted somewhere flat with good underfoot terrain to minimise the risk of injury! Was very tempted by the sign for trails at Cambus O’May Forest but given that it was uphill to enter the car park I decided they’d wait for another day.
Very much enjoying refuelling in The Bothy at Braemar while I await the call for pickup.

Monday 22nd:
An easy 4 miles and I took advantage of the wide window for pacing, enjoying running at the slow end. Beautiful evening for a run to Duthie Park.

Tuesday 23rd:
Met the Tuesday crew (Ali, Alan and George). While Alan and George went ahead Ali and I bumbled along blethering. I’ve missed my Tuesday chats while they’ve been in Kenya with Gathimba Edwards Foundation! Threw in a couple of miles at faster pace which felt good. Alan continued beyond the three miles at which we turned on the Garmin beep, and poor George said their run back to catch us had him working the hardest he’s done in a long time. Next time just stick with the ladies George! It’s safer!

Think this may be it now until race day. I’ll see how I feel. Schedule suggests an easy 4 miles tomorrow but I’m tired and have nothing to gain physically but potentially a lot to lose. I’ll see how I feel …

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