Room to Run Half Marathon (Huntly)

I signed up for this race a while back as there have been a serious lack of events on the calendar and I needed both something to aim for and a race or two to get used to running in a crowded start again. I’d heard Huntly was a tough run so figured I’d go … Continue reading Room to Run Half Marathon (Huntly)

Sometimes Staying Low Is Best: Clais Fhearnaig

Having reviewed the weather last night, we decided on a lower level walk as it looked likely to be blustery on the high tops. We discussed options: lie in and go out for an afternoon start, or go early to beat the crowds and virtually guarantee a parking space. Having opted for an early start … Continue reading Sometimes Staying Low Is Best: Clais Fhearnaig

Oh I do like to be beside Loch Lee side!

Finally being given ‘permission’ to leave our local authority after a very long period at home, we were delighted to again have the freedom of the hills. I’ve struggled with the stay in your authority nonsense and, without getting too political, deeply resent that larger local authorities have had freedom to roam while those of … Continue reading Oh I do like to be beside Loch Lee side!

The 40th Race: Virtual London Marathon (Running My Way)

When I signed up to run the London Marathon virtually I decided against running at ‘home’. The thought of pounding the streets did not appeal, while running my local trails would require multiple loops of the dreaded Kingshill in order to make the distance. I’ve love Aviemore so decided to go there! Torrential Downpours Throughout … Continue reading The 40th Race: Virtual London Marathon (Running My Way)

A Moment of Madness?

Due to injury at the tail end of the year, I deferred my place in the 2020 London Marathon. Then COVID struck, the marathon was postponed, and a new date set for October 2020. I deferred as I hadn’t planned to run a marathon in 2019. So, what on earth possessed me, when the e-mail … Continue reading A Moment of Madness?


This weekend I finally got to see my parents again after 19 weeks! Living a wee bit apart I don’t see them as regularly as I would if they were just down the road. A busy life (and work) get in the way, so it’s not uncommon to go a month without seeing them. We … Continue reading Family

Be Grateful of the Small Things

Biking Today was a stunning day. We’ve been truly blessed with the weather thus far during our ‘confinement’, and it was a joy to be out on the trails again today. Riding out from home, it’s not long before we reach Hazlehead. I love being able to ride across to Countesswells, a favourite running route … Continue reading Be Grateful of the Small Things

Sgor Mor: Blowin’ A Hoolie

Taking advantage of a decent forecast we decided to head for the hills. Driving out to Braemar the skies looked clearer than expected. Despite being winter there also appeared to be very little snow on the horizon. After a quick pitstop in Braemar conditions did change as we drove out to Linn of Dee, the … Continue reading Sgor Mor: Blowin’ A Hoolie

Aberdeen parkrun: Setting the Bar

Since the marathon I’ve been somewhat lazy. The planned two week rest period turned into four weeks of not a lot. I did a couple of easy runs in the third week, then last week life got in the way with lots on, very little ‘me’ time, and too many hours spent at work. On … Continue reading Aberdeen parkrun: Setting the Bar

2019 London Marathon: The Taper

The taper has begun - if you can call it a taper with the Hanson Method - harder than usual with regard to the mileage, but in many ways the feelings, both physically and emotionally are the same thus far. Thursday 18th April: I did my last ‘SOS’ session today - 6 miles at target … Continue reading 2019 London Marathon: The Taper