Train Adventures: Beinn na Lap

Catching the early train from Fort William complete with our packed breakfast, destination Corrour, little did we know how much fun lay ahead!

The Highest Station on Mainland U.K.

Corrour is accessible only by train, bike or on foot, so Beinn na Lap makes for an interesting day. It’s an easy munro, feasible to rush up and down, or you can choose to go at a more sedate pace, taking in a visit the Station House Restaurant. We’re so glad we made this choice; more on that later …

The walk: Beinn na Lap

Passing by Corrour Station House, the track headed towards Loch Ossian and the Youth Hostel. As we stopped to put on our gaiters we heard squawking above and looked up to see a flock of swans flying in formation!

A little way along, we cut off onto a small track and headed off up the boggy path. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as expected, having had a dry spell of late; still a little squelchy underfoot but nothing too onerous. The hill was relatively clear at this point, the forecast due to be decent until the fog rolled in later.

The boggy path continued clearly up the hill. Having started around 400 metres, we didn’t have too much climbing to do and the ascent was short and sweet. Jackets were shed pretty quickly.

Up the main climb, we then had a smaller ascent up towards the summit. In the mist it wasn’t clear where this actually was, looking tantalisingly close before more height became visible. The mist closed in and the drizzle enveloped us; waterproofs on! We passed the windshelter cairn …

and continued on to the true summit.

We didn’t linger as the fog had closed in, the warmer conditions allowing us to experience that lovely ‘boil in the bag’ feeling. The descent should have been by the same route, but we missed the path, picking it up lower down the slope.

Dropping back out of the mist as we headed towards Loch Ossian, the light rain continued and the station restaurant was a welcome sight.

Corrour Station Craic

The plan was to camp out in the restaurant for a few hours ahead of the next train. Having enjoyed a lovely lunch, we got chatting to the other like-minded souls and the banter was good.

My personal tour guide was giving helpful advice to a couple from Yorkshire heading north and we got onto films sets in Scotland. Next thing you know, we’re headed out into the glorious outdoors again. The result? Great hilarity and some cracking re-enactments.

Choose Life

What a day! Coffee and cake rounded it off nicely before boarding the train once more. Definitely one for the memory bank!

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