Coire Lagan: a taste of the Cuillin

Headed for Skye as a ‘rest’ day, with a view to heading into Coire Lagan to allow me to experience a little of the sheer magnificence that is the Cuillin. Bruce has been here a couple of times, subsequently raving about the amazing, other worldly landscape. For me it’s an intimidating place rendering it highly unlikely that I’ll ever hit the dizzy heights of a munro compleation!

Glen Brittle

We parked just outside the campsite at Glen Brittle; this in itself is a stunning place to visit. I’m not a camper but seeing this beautiful site by the sea with the mountains behind almost has me contemplating the purchase of a tent! I can’t think of many more scenic spots, although on a damp evening with the midges swarming I may be able to!

The initial walk up from the Glen Brittle campsite was on a good path, allowing us to fully appreciate our surroundings.

The Scramble

The route guide suggested that the most challenging part of the walk is the short scramble where the path goes up between two large rocks. On Clare’s scramble scale this didn’t rate at all! I managed to get up with sticks held in one hand, there were huge steps to stand on, and nothing to challenge whatsoever! Winning!

Wow! Those Mountains!

Up into the coire itself, it truly was something entirely different to any other landscape I’ve been in.

The mountains were huge and rocky, the ridges jagged and spiky, and when the misty cloud opened up briefly to expose the tops in all their splendour it really did impress and overawe me – not sure I’ll be on the ridge anytime soon!

Leaving Reluctantly

Although I’d no inclination to go higher I was thoroughly entranced. I’d seen a young man come down the Great Stone Chute with apparent ease, been given the lowdown on Bruce’s Cuillin adventures, enjoyed a leisurely lunch and gotten a tad chilly as the temperature dropped as we approached the Coire. We reluctantly headed down to get warmed up, initially going back the way we’d come.

The scramble back down was equally uneventful; unlike yesterday, there was no need to turn around and it’s easy to use your bum to help lower oneself down. Easy peasy!

Eas Mòr Falls

We took a circular route and passed the Eas Mòr Falls on the return leg. This lovely big waterfall was looking pretty amazing after last night’s rain, the lush green landscape highlighting once more what a beautiful part of the world this is.

Tea and Chat

Ending off a great day out, we visited Adrian and Bridgette of All Things Cuillin. Thank you so much to them both for the tea, freshly made flapjacks and chat. It was a pleasure to spend time in their company and to hear their stories and share experiences. True mountain hospitality at it’s best!

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