Mayar & Driesh: Girls Day Out

I was delighted to be invited along for a walk with my niece and sister. The younger of the two is into hills and outdoors, the older one likes outdoors, hills maybe not so much? Could we convert her?

Having parked up at Glen Doll, after much faffing we set off enthusiastically and followed the good track that rose very gently.

First Stop: Corrie Fee

Oh how I love Corrie Fee! I always think this place is beautiful in it’s own right and for anyone that doesn’t want a big walk it would be stunning without the need to go further. It didn’t take much persuasion for anyone to sit and take in the sheer magnificence of the landscape, enjoying a wee rest before the big climb of the day.

Up By The Waterfall

Dragging ourselves away, we followed the good, but steep, path up by the waterfall.

As always, the views back were worth stopping for, and we enjoyed a midway seat on the rocks.

Mayar: Our first summit together

What a day for it! We could see all around thanks to the relatively cloudless skies. Despite this we found ourselves getting chilled following a stop for lunch. Jackets and gloves were donned pretty swiftly.

Onwards to Driesh

Having gained all the ‘big’ height for the day, the walk to Driesh was fairly easy going. We dropped a little and the subsequent ascent was easy. Reaching the top, we joined a couple in the large windshelter cairn for lunch, chatting together about hills for a while. Although they set off ahead of us we caught up with them in the last mile and enjoyed a good blether again, passing the time for those of us that were feeling less enthusiastic and by this point.

The Long Walk Back

In the grand scheme of things, the long walk back wasn’t actually that long. However, when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do and your legs are feeling a bit tired it does seem a distance to the car park. Initially we followed the path back towards the bealach.

We then cut off and took the path down the Shank of Drumfollow. This provides a clear single track path.

On the descent, there’s a Cairngorms Photo Post:

Continuing on the wee path, we reached the woodland, passed through it quickly, and finally reached the very good fire road that had us hot footing it all the way back to the car.

What a lovely day out this was! I thoroughly enjoyed the company and will hopefully get to repeat the hill experience again with my niece once day (and my sister should she be up for it)! Failing that, we’ll go for coffee or a spa.

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