This weekend I finally got to see my parents again after 19 weeks! Living a wee bit apart I don’t see them as regularly as I would if they were just down the road. A busy life (and work) get in the way, so it’s not uncommon to go a month without seeing them. We … Continue reading Family

December Yoga

This year started with a daily yoga practice in January, vowing to reconnect mind and body. Although at times a thought to get on the mat, I never regretted the time I spent there, always feeling good for the practice I engaged in whether it be Ali’s taught class at Run 4 It, or a … Continue reading December Yoga

Peterhead Prison Museum

A week later than planned I returned to visit Peterhead, this time with cash, to go and see the Prison Museum. It was worth the wait. Have you not been, I’d recommend it as it’s a very interesting visit. From the outside the prison is somewhat foreboding, and chatting to the ‘Guard’ on entry he … Continue reading Peterhead Prison Museum