Rob Roy Way: Ardtalnaig to Aberfeldy (Day 5)

Having thought it may be hard going back to where I’d finished the day yesterday, the reality was that it felt great! I had a really settled night last night, feeling very much at home - the upside of having two nights in a B & B is that you can unpack, something I always … Continue reading Rob Roy Way: Ardtalnaig to Aberfeldy (Day 5)

Rob Roy Way: Killin to Ardtalnaig (Day 4)

I was a little nervous as to what I’d waken up to following last night’s downpour! I think it rained throughout the night, although I’m none the wiser whether there was any more thunder or lightning having slept pretty well. I woke at 4 am for a forecast check; sadly it suggested that the rain … Continue reading Rob Roy Way: Killin to Ardtalnaig (Day 4)

Adventures in Ullapool

Cul Mòr or Stac Pollaidh? Waking up feeling a little like how I imagine I’d feel having been hit by a bus, the day started slowly. Descending the stairs, two feet to a step, it took a while to convince my legs they were good to go again. Forecasts checked over breakfast, the choice to … Continue reading Adventures in Ullapool

Three Fannichs: Bruce returns for the views

Having stopped off in Inverness last night we had an easy start to get up the road. Bruce having previously done these hills (all 9 in one day) was delighted to see the sunshine and clear skies, although less delighted with my garlic breath - the blue cheese and courgette pizza in Black Isle Bar … Continue reading Three Fannichs: Bruce returns for the views

Escape to Knoydart

Having left Mull on the first ferry on Monday morning, we later caught a boat from Mallaig to Inverie. As forecast, the rain was tipping down from the moment we awoke and I had a sense of deja vu. On this occasion it was Bruce’s goal at stake - his quest to complete the remaining … Continue reading Escape to Knoydart

No Cheesecake for Clare

Yesterday it rained - a lot. It definitely wasn’t a day for going out as not only was it raining, it was also very windy. The result was a day of imposed rest. We managed to do little or nothing for the morning, heading to the local cafe, The Midge Bite, for a coffee early … Continue reading No Cheesecake for Clare

Achnasheen: Amazing what’s on the doorstep!

After a fair soaking yesterday, I went to put the boots outdoors (having removed the newspaper that had been absorbing the water overnight) to experience two joys of nature. One, the Scottish midge. Out in force, they were keen to make my acquaintance. They tend not to be bothersome if there’s any sort of breeze. … Continue reading Achnasheen: Amazing what’s on the doorstep!

Maoile Lunndaidh: A Hard Earned Munro!

Look out for passing trains! One of the more remote munros in the Glen Carron area, Maoile Lunndaidh required a bike in to make life a little easier. Best laid plans, we parked up at the Forestry Commission car park at Craig before crossing the road and then the railway line. It never ceases to … Continue reading Maoile Lunndaidh: A Hard Earned Munro!

Visiting Old Friends: The Glas Maol Munros

Neither of us can quite remember when we last did this circuit, our guess being around 2012. We’ve since done Carn an Tuirc individually, but not the whole round. Today, being yet another forecast of clear skies and sunshine, seemed the perfect opportunity! Glenshee Parking in the big car park by Glenshee, sadly the cafe … Continue reading Visiting Old Friends: The Glas Maol Munros

Ben Klibreck

Relaxing in Altnacarra B & B after Ben Hope we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening; always a good sign when you’re welcomed with a pot of tea and biscuits! An added bonus was that the neighbouring pub was friendly with good craic from the locals, so it’s just as well we’d booked our dinner at … Continue reading Ben Klibreck