Aberdeen parkrun: The Windy One

When you awake to the sound of the slates rattling on the roof you know you’re in for a treat at Aberdeen parkrun!

Meeting Alan for my warm up run at 8:30 I was impressed to find he’d already done two miles – easily seen he’s out tonight. We did our usually warm up / course recce and found that the wind was as ‘pleasant’ as I’d anticipated. Any concern I had about being overdressed (base layer, long sleeved top AND a jacket) dissipated quickly as my ears made themselves known – freezing! Alan being both a gentleman and a kind hearted soul very kindly gave me the Buff he’d been sporting round his neck. Thanks Alan! It truly was appreciated!

Running along the upper prom there were times, particularly approaching the Beach Ballroom, when the wind almost stopped us in our tracks. In true Aberdeen style though, as soon as we hit the lower prom the wind was at our backs giving strong encouragement. With this came the awareness that yes, I was overdressed!

Arriving back at the start / finish area, the intrepid volunteers were already underway with the setup. It’s on days like these that you really appreciate them. It’s one thing running but quite another waiting for the 200 odd people to complete the course. Thank you each and every one of you!

A short time later the main event was underway. My lazy streak has continued and as mothis was my first run since Tuesday so I’d decided to run hard. I’d also decided to try and stick with a pack, something I often fail to do, instead finding myself alone, in the hope that I might gain some relief from the wind. I tucked in behind a wee posse at the top of the slope and ran with them for a bit. Feeling a little guilty about not pulling my weight I moved in front, only to have very the realisation that it was feasible to catch the awesome duo of Tony and Andrew. Both good runners, they were chatting companionably and very much running within their comfort zones. I therefore dropped the guilt and settled in behind them until the midpoint turn at the bus stop.

Glad to have ditched the jacket before the hard work started it felt good to pick up the pace and ‘enjoy’ the run back. I was working hard and to beginning to flag towards the end of the lower prom, young Omar having motored past me effortlessly (great running!) when James passed. James, you have no idea how much those three words, ‘Come on Clare!’ spurred me on at this point. I tried at first to hang onto his coat tails but didn’t quite manage. I did however find a new strength and motivation to keep pushing until the end.

Delighted to finish in a decent time, faster than I’d hoped for today, it’s onwards and upwards now. The marathon training starts next month and I’m starting to look forward to it.

Finishing today’s tale, a shout out to Alison who completed her 100th parkrun today. A stalwart volunteer this is a truly well earned t-shirt (when you finally get your hands on it)! Kudos to you Alison! 👏

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