Peterhead Prison Museum

A week later than planned I returned to visit Peterhead, this time with cash, to go and see the Prison Museum. It was worth the wait. Have you not been, I’d recommend it as it’s a very interesting visit.

From the outside the prison is somewhat foreboding, and chatting to the ‘Guard’ on entry he told me that many a school party arrived loudly and in good spirits to leave more subdued at a later point.

Armed with my headset I went on to explore the former prison on a thought provoking tour.

The audio guide describes in detail aspects of prison life. I was very engrossed when I turned to see this man!

Peterhead Prison Museum
All alone on the wing, this guy gave me a fear when I saw him!

Having heard lots of discussion around ‘slopping out’ at Peterhead continuing long after the process had been abolished elsewhere, it was only today that the implications for staff dawned upon me.

Peterhead Prison Museum
Slopping out

Lots to see …

The cells – no matter what your thoughts are on prison it’s difficult to imagine being cooped up in here!

If you’ve not been do go – a worthwhile experience. I’d be intrigued to see how conditions have changed in the new prison and wonder what impact it has on rehabilitation and positive outcomes for offenders. Thoughts on a postcard please!

One thought on “Peterhead Prison Museum

  1. My hubs and I tend to visit any old prisons if they exist in any place we go. They are fascinating and really convey a good deal of history about the culture as whole. This looks interesting, thanks for sharing!


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