Beinn Dearg: You really need a bike!

First hill walking day in a while, and the first day of the marathon taper, we parked at the Old Bridge of Tilt, then heading off on the bikes with the ultimate goal of a walk up Beinn Dearg, my 120th munro.

Route finding was easy – follow the black arrows. It was just unfortunate that the legs weren’t quite so enthusiastic having been some time since we last turned the pedals!

The bike in to Beinn Dearg is just short of 6 miles, saving a long walk in. We biked/pushed, the sun not helping in this, and before too long we’d reached the bothy. It would have been possible to continue beyond this but this is where most route guides advise to park up.


Heading off on foot, Bruce was happier than I. My legs were now beginning to feel the effects of the last heavy week of running. However, the path was good and we made steady progress. The area is pretty featureless and it would be easy to get lost here in winter or if the fog descended.


Before too long the summit was in sight looking rocky and fairly steep.


As is often the way it turned out to be very easy when we got close to it. A big wind shelter around the trig point provided a fine place for a snack stop. We didn’t linger too long before heading back and were most impressed by the endurance of three bikers riding almost all the way!


Retracing our steps, before long we were back at the bothy and the bikes. Another quick stop and then it was the fun blast back to the car. I loved this bit – the best thing about biking is always the descent. Makes me wonder why I’ve left it so long!

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