December Yoga

This year started with a daily yoga practice in January, vowing to reconnect mind and body. Although at times a thought to get on the mat, I never regretted the time I spent there, always feeling good for the practice I engaged in whether it be Ali’s taught class at Run 4 It, or a home practice with Adriene. (

Somehow life once again changed the course of time and I lapsed in my daily practice as February turned into March. Before long the racing season was upon us and alongside work and marathon training I did less and less, finally stopping my practice altogether.

I intended to restart last month (November) but that never did quite happen, despite downloading the calendar from Find What Feels Good Yoga (

So, today my practice begins again. The journey has started and I have newly spent 37 minutes on my mat (time flew!), surprised by the tightness I felt in my muscles and the renewed feeling of sitting more upright and feeling a little straighter by the end.

I can’t promise to commit daily, and ultimately it makes no odds to you if I do or don’t, but I’m going to try. Find that headspace and look after my body.

What (if any) is your practice? Do you have a go-to app or channel?

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