Last Outing of the Year: Pressendye

In an ideal world we’d have finished the year as we started – on a munro. However, the weather had other ideas, and with the prospect of blustery tops and cloud we decided to stay lower instead. The plan was therefore to head for Ballater to do the Seven Bridges Walk. No arrangements had been made with regards to timing and one of us (me!) decided to stay in bed late, the upshot being that we were then left questioning the wisdom of this decision given the journey time and length of walk. Hence, we happened upon Pressendye instead.

Pressendye’s a fine wee hill (a Graham) and is easily accessed on a circular route from Tarland. The initial walk out on the road is about 2 miles and is the least enjoyable part. After that you reach the track that heads upwards, leading to fields, then up towards the summit of the hill. There’s nothing overly strenuous about it, navigation is easy – we’ve done it a few times so didn’t bother with route guides or maps today – and before you know it you’re up, with views to Mount Keen in one direction and Bennachie in the other.

As we walked today we chatted and had our own review of the year, sharing our thoughts on what we felt had been our personal achievements and best moments, alongside our goals for next year – London Marathon for me and quite a number of new munros for Bruce.

Heading up it did get blustery, although with temperatures unseasonably high it was far from unpleasant. Heading off the summit it’s an easy track descent with signposts for the circular route further down to guide you back in the direction of Tarland. There are two routes; admittedly we forgot to check where they go on our return to the village!

One of my favourite parts of the walk is the beautiful tree lined path as you get lower. For old times sake I stopped to hug a tree, then remembered how good this feels so hugged another few on the way down. I think this is on a par with being in the mountains; it makes you realise that you really are just a small part of a much bigger picture!

Hug a tree!

On that note, I hope you’re feeling positive should you be reflecting on the year or thinking about the next one. However small, there’s always something to be grateful for.

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