Loch Ness 360, Day 4: Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit

Really enjoyed staying in Invermoriston. The B & B (Craik Na Dav) was run by two sisters, Lindsey and Amanda, who were so friendly and welcoming that I truly felt at home from the moment they opened the door. It was therefore a bit of a thought to leave this morning, all the more so as they’re right on the Great Glen Way route and I knew I was headed straight uphill.

Going Up?

The route initially followed a minor road uphill before turning off and following a zigzagging path. There then came the point of choice: low or high route, and I chose high. Continuing a theme, I walked anything remotely steep and ran where it was flatter or downhill, hence a slow couple of miles to begin. Today’s soundtrack was the sloshing of water as I’d added a litre to my Camelback in addition to my usual two bottles in preparation for a warmer day. This added a fair bit of weight too which I was less enthusiastic about; having finished the day with both bottles still full I think I’ll reconsider tomorrow.

The path continued to climb and I met a couple of familiar faces from yesterday, enjoying the chance to have a breather and a blether. Before I knew it I’d reached the ‘Viewcatcher’. The views really open up here. The midges appear also to enjoy the views and were present in number so I didn’t hang around too long.

Beyond, there was a descent and the path levelled off before rising again to the highest point. My legs were feeling much lighter and more relaxed today and I ambled along happily.

Single Track Fun

The path then began to descend, steeply at first, then more easily. Some of the trail was lovely flowing single track and I considered how much fun this would be on a mountain bike.

Take A Seat

A good sign (for me) was the occasional bench. I didn’t feel the need to sit, but figured perhaps those coming the opposite way night as they’d be climbing in contrast to my descent. Views were good and looking back along Loch Ness was particularly pleasing.

Meeting of the Routes

Lower down, the high and low routes converged. Reading the descriptor board I almost wished I’d gone low as there was mention of a cave and dragonflies. I did see one dragonfly on the high route today, a beautiful blue that was reluctant to pose for the camera.

The views continued on earnest, just beautiful on such a lovely day.

Cake Stop

I was keeping my eyes peeled for the Loch Ness Pottery signs. Just a couple of hundred metres off the trail, it offers homemade cake in addition to a good cuppa. For me, ginger cake won, washed down nicely by a pot of tea, the pot having a beautifully crafted spout that did not drip all over the table (one of my pet hates and a key reason for not using a teapot)! No issues with running straight after, aside from grumbly legs; they didn’t get the memo that we had to go further!

All Downhill From Here

At least that’s what I was told! I’d disagree slightly. While there were no more big hills, the route did climb gently before finally descending all the way to Drumnadrochit. The views were pretty, rolling countryside, the country smells less so at times.

Initially the route followed the road or a wee path that ran parallel, then finally onto a rough track with tantalising glimpses of the village for some time before reaching it.

Finally reaching the village, I arrived at the south end and had to continue running to reach sustenance in a local cafe, delighted to find they could provide the baked tattie I’d been craving! Followed by by a coffee in the sun to waken me up again, I was then delighted to be allowed into tonight’s accommodation early. Another successful day.

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