Testing the Legs at Loch Lee

We’ve been hoping to get amongst the hills for a few weeks, but something has always stopped us. The inclement weather, me not getting up early enough, or illness. We contemplated Loch Lee last weekend but Bruce wasn’t feeling 100% and listened to the voice of reason (ME!), opting for a flat walk at Ballater (Seven Bridges). Today was the day to test the hips, new and old.

Tree Down!

It was sad to see trees down along familiar roads, forests decimated after storms over the last year and still in the process of clearing. One tree that was rather spectacularly down was blocking the river gauging station. We were intrigued as to where it had come from.

First stop, Invermark Castle

Following a good track towards Loch Lee, the first place of interest is Invermark Castle, rather resplendent despite having no roof!

Loch Lee

Continuing along, Loch Lee is reached. The wind was blowing down the loch today leading to choppy waters. We contemplated what type of fish might live in the loch. Any ideas?

Falls of Unich

The good track follows the loch and finally leads to a fork where a bridge crosses to lead the track towards the falls. They can be seen for some distance.

The feeling of space is welcomed, views of surrounding hills leading to an appreciation of the great outdoors and the magnificence of our environment.

Before long, the Falls are close and a fine spray can be felt on the breeze. On its own, this would make a good walk, but it’s even better to continue up the edge of the Falls and onto the hill.

Follow the Water of Unich

The path is narrow as it follows the Water of Unich, fairly steep drops down. Sadly, this is subject to quite a bit of erosion and there were a couple of places where the land had slipped making it a wee bit tricky to stay on anything resembling a path.

The wind was strong as we headed up, but we did find a sheltered spot for lunch, mindful that it might be even windier on the plateau.

Cairn Lick: Great Views

As it transpired, the wind was not as bad on the flat plateau of Cairn Lick, although it was still chilly. We enjoyed the opportunity to look down on the loch and relished the feeling of being part of something bigger than us.

Across the boggy plateau, which was not as bad as it could be, I enjoyed the icy puddles. There was lots of thin ice, the wonderful sort that gives a satisfying ‘pop’ when punctured with a walking pole, much to my delight!

Finding the track, it was then a steady yomp back down to the loch before retracing our steps back to the car.

Final Verdict

My legs are grand, although the quads might ache a little tomorrow. His new hip did well; the ‘old’ one not so much. Roll on Part 2 of The Bionic Man’s adventures!

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