Don’t leave home without your insoles!

Having fully intended to run yesterday it just didn’t quite happen. I was undecided whether to run from work or home. With a 6:30 Yoga class to attend I decided that home was the better option. However, my car had other ideas … on auto pilot I found it took me to Cafe Cognito again! This resulted in no run but a very good coffee and fruit scone instead.

So, today I had made it my mission – must run! To avoid the same issue as yesterday I headed off to get changed at the end of the day only to find …

At home in the kitchen the trainers and insoles were reunited.

No insoles! Disaster!

You may wonder why the aforementioned insoles were not in my shoes. Herein lies a top tip from the podiatrist: take your insoles out of your shoes after running if you can, and they will never again stink!


The horrible whiffy reek to which some of us have become accustomed, possibly smelling like the cat’s peed in your shoes (even if you don’t have a cat!) is in fact due to bacteria breeding. Let them dry out after your run in a more open environment and the problem is solved!

So home, shoes on and out I then enjoyed a 10 mile tour of Aberdeen. Concluded that I definitely prefer daylight and trail, but nonetheless a few miles have been banked.



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