parkrun and Pittodrie: The Abridged Version!

The day started with a great parkrun at Aberdeen this morning, running with my big sister and (briefly) my niece. Always a pleasure, we chatted our way round the course which took our minds off the somewhat unpleasant wind on the way out, and in true Aberdeen style we enjoyed a balmy, warm day on the return leg.

Afternoon saw me walking back in the same direction, this time to Pittodrie, home of The Dons, to watch the football with Bruce. I really should take a little more interest (or listen more), having no idea who was playing until yesterday!


For me though, the football’s more about the crowd and the people watching. That’s the bit that fascinates me and possibly explains why I’ll go to a live match but am not that interested when it’s on the TV.

Arrived at Pittodrie after a wee stop off at the Kirkgate Bar. If you like a bargain it’s worth a visit – £2-50 for all pints in January! Bargain! Had a pie for lunch and a brief chance to enjoy the pre-match atmosphere…

Fans queuing for the coveted Pittodrie pie
Players coming on to start the match

Then up to the stand for the match. Not the most inspirational start, Aberdeen seemed to sit back a bit and although they were allegedly in control it wasn’t long before Kilmarnock went 1-0 up (thanks to the ball bouncing off Boyd’s bum from what I saw)!

The game picked up in the second half and saw Aberdeen score three goals, the second of which was a cracking shot! Final score of 3-1. Edit: McKenna scored 2 including the aforementioned stunning second goal; McGinn scored the third and final goal of the match. (Bruce suggested I add this bit as you can’t mention the opposition without naming the home side. You also shouldn’t use the word ‘bum’ in a football commentary, and the next part doesn’t really describe what the friendly wee chap from Kilmarnock was doing. However, I have to maintain my professional persona in the public domain, I’m assuming most of you reading this are adults, and as such I refuse to change it; you can use your imagination / experience and read between the lines! )


I have to say that overall I was disappointed by the Dons fans. It would be good to see some more atmosphere and hear a lot more singing! Kilmarnock however, did add to my enjoyment. Their fans were very entertaining in their attempts to goad the home fans, to the point that one poor chap must have missed even more of the game than I!

After the final whistle we hoofed it back towards home, the one bus of fans ‘waving’ as they departed the car park. A quick march saw us reach the Great Western Hotel pretty swiftly where we settled in for some food – not the healthiest option ever!


Boy, was it fine though! Fourteen miles tomorrow should run off the garlic bread! 🤣

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