Be Grateful of the Small Things

Biking Today was a stunning day. We’ve been truly blessed with the weather thus far during our ‘confinement’, and it was a joy to be out on the trails again today. Riding out from home, it’s not long before we reach Hazlehead. I love being able to ride across to Countesswells, a favourite running route … Continue reading Be Grateful of the Small Things

A weekend of running and the Metro Beach 10k

The marathon training's going pretty well so I was looking forward to the Metro Beach 10k - it's fast, flat, and usually by the time evening comes the wind along the prom has died down. This unfortunately was not the case last night ... My legs were tired from the weekend's running. The long run … Continue reading A weekend of running and the Metro Beach 10k

Marathon Training Begins …

Having lacked focus since dropping out of Fraserburgh Half Marathon (in favour of going away to celebrate Mum's 70th birthday), I decided that I needed a focus, and have therefore made the decision to follow an 18 week training plan in the lead up to Fort William Marathon. The year got off to a reasonable … Continue reading Marathon Training Begins …

Metro Social Sunday

Alan's back from his travels (again! Retirement suits him!) so there was some element of organisation for today's Sunday social run. He's the one that posts on Facebook to remind others that we'll be running. Admittedly it is usually the same route, place and time, but occasionally this varies). One such variation was when Ali, … Continue reading Metro Social Sunday

Don’t leave home without your insoles!

Having fully intended to run yesterday it just didn’t quite happen. I was undecided whether to run from work or home. With a 6:30 Yoga class to attend I decided that home was the better option. However, my car had other ideas ... on auto pilot I found it took me to Cafe Cognito again! … Continue reading Don’t leave home without your insoles!

Hazlehead & Countesswells

Thankfully despite the cold it’s been very dry (therefore no ice underfoot) and we were able to get out to the woods for one of my favourite long runs: Hazlehead and Countesswells. Setting off with Ali and Derek, we were nearly a man down before we left the car park with Derek having a minor … Continue reading Hazlehead & Countesswells