Metro Social Sunday

Alan’s back from his travels (again! Retirement suits him!) so there was some element of organisation for today’s Sunday social run. He’s the one that posts on Facebook to remind others that we’ll be running. Admittedly it is usually the same route, place and time, but occasionally this varies). One such variation was when Ali, Marie and I opted for Scolty a few weeks ago. Marie is not Metro – she is in fact a Garioch imposter – however, we’re sociable and welcome others on our runs. It was only halfway round Scolty that I suddenly realised I’d invited a work colleague and he may well have turned up at Hazlehead at 9 am. Thankfully he had failed in his mission to get up and out; it appeared that way today also as he was a no show again. Rein in the Saturday nights if you’re reading this!

So, today’s run. A merry wee band turned up which was good: Alison and Bill (husband and wife duo, they’re also often joined by their speedy daughter, Sarah – not today though); James (physiotherapist from Spear and on a sub 3:45 marathon quest); Graham (parkrun ED and imposter); Alan (who kindly picked me up on route to Hazlehead again); and George who had run an impressive 5 miles prior to meeting us as he needed to get 15 miles in the bank today as he’s marathon training for Manchester.

We did our usual route from Hazlehead, over to Countesswells and around Kingshill. I had initially set out with the intention of doing 14 miles as I’m looking to get myself back into gear for the forthcoming Kinloss to Lossiemouth Half Marathon and aiming to build the base mileage before starting on my own marathon journey. However, with George having banked 5 miles already and everyone else happy to opt for 10 I conceded a few miles in favour of company. It didn’t take much (any) persuasion!!

Had a very pleasant run, chatting with George at the back of the pack for much of it. The others ran on ahead but waited at regular intervals for us to catch up. Conditions were excellent today. Yesterday’s wind had completely died down and it was a balmy 6C! Perfect. Another dry week also saw the trails mercifully dry.

Time passed quickly and before we knew it we were round Kingshill and headed back towards Hazlehead. As we ran between the gates I got chatting to James and ended up doing an extra loop around the roads at Hazlehead to round off his miles. That worked well for me taking me to just short of 11.5 miles for the day. I resisted the urge to run laps of the car park to round it off, happy with this. It was very enjoyable chatting to him and hearing his thoughts on various running matters, as with the job that he’s doing and his personal mission he’s picked up lots of information and knowledge.

Arriving back at the car park I was relieved to find that my driver had waited for me and wasn’t making me run home – thanks Alan! As usual, onwards to Cafe Cognito we went, with the classic post-run refreshment of scones (George and I), croissant (Alan), and hot chocolate, latte and Americano with hot milk on the side, respectively. Another great run in great company!


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