Marathon Training: London 2021

I’ve been building the base miles for some time and now have just 8 weeks to go before the big day! Things are starting to get real, and a little scary if I’m honest.

Blood & Sweat

There’s been blood, thanks to an unfortunate stumble on the trails a couple of months back. That cut a long run slightly short; 6 miles home with a grazed leg and the joy of scrubbing out my hand when I got there!

There’s also been lots of sweat, largely due to the ongoing hot weather that we’ve enjoyed this summer, except when running!

The tears are on hold for now, although I have form for crying at some point during or after the race!

Ramping It Up!

Following a Hanson programme, the speed work is now taking a back seat as I begin focusing more on strength and working on marathon pace. I’m very happy about this, it has to be said, as 5k / 10k pace workouts do not fill me with joy! They’re definitely ‘Type 2’ fun.

My aim is to continue with 5-6 runs a week. Prior to the summer holidays a few of these were being done early (5:30 am ish) in order to be able to focus on the day ahead and not have a run hanging over me. This will continue for shorter sessions but I’m not convinced I’ll be banging out a mid-week 12 miles before work any day soon, all the more so in light of my getting up time being closer to 8;30 am at present!

The other focus will be rest and recovery, running the strength workouts hard and taking the easy runs at a pace that allows sufficient recovery, and trying to ensure I sleep well. I have a feeling that between working hard and running that hopefully won’t be too much of a chore! I’ll keep you posted.

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